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Auto Express 2012. Тест летних шин размера 205/55 R16


1st: Goodyear EfficientGrip
Total: 863.8 / Dry: 195.8 / Wet: 491.1 / Rolling Resistance: 76.9 / Noise: 100
Overall: Goodyear win the test thanks to their usual strong wet performance. Miles ahead of its nearest rivals in the curved aquaplaning tests and winning the straight line test, even with the score weighting adjusted to negate any unfair advantage the Goodyear still wins. Getting within 1.5% of the best in the dry, the Goodyears only drawback is a mid pack rolling resistance

2nd: Vredestein Sportrac 5
Total: 851.1 / Dry: 196.3 / Wet: 477.3 / Rolling Resistance: 78.7 / Noise: 98.8
Overall: The Vredestein Sportrac 5 is another tyre which prioritises wet grip over fuel economy. Even stronger in the dry than the Goodyear, the Sportrac 5 puts in an excellent all round performance to place second

3rd: Nexen N Blue HD
Total: 851.9 / Dry: 194 / Wet: 482 / Rolling Resistance: 76.9 / Noise: 99
Overall: Nearly last in the dry, the new Nexen NBlue HD was saved by its strong wet and aquaplaning performance to secure 3rd place

4th: Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response
Total: 849.8 / Dry: 197.6 / Wet: 479.4 / Rolling Resistance: 75.3 / Noise: 97.5
Overall: One of the sportier tyres on test, the Dunlop showed a strong balance between wet and dry performance. At the noisiest tyre on test, it was just beaten to 3rd by the Nexen

4th: Nokian xLine
Total: 842.4 / Dry: 197 / Wet: 472.5 / Rolling Resistance: 72.9 / Noise: 100
Overall: The new Nokian xLine, due at the end of this year, put in an extremely strong performance to joint 4th place. Best in every test in the wet, and 2nd in the dry, the new Xline was let down by an average aquaplaning result and a poor rolling resistance

6th: Continental Eco Contact 5
Total: 852.7 / Dry: 199.1 / Wet: 458.9 / Rolling Resistance: 95.9 / Noise: 98.8
Overall: Continental seem to have traded rolling resistance for wet grip. The usually strong in the wet EcoContact averaged 6th best in the wet tests, and could only manage 5th for noise, but had an extremely low rolling resistance and was the best in dry braking

7th: Bridgestone Turanza T001
Total: 842.2 / Dry: 198 / Wet: 462.3 / Rolling Resistance: 83.3 / Noise: 98.6
Overall: The new Bridgestone T001 was the strongest tyre in the dry handling test, but its relatively inconsistent wet performance left it down in 7th place

8th: Michelin Energy Saver Plus
Total: 846.3 / Dry: 196.9 / Wet: 450.3 / Rolling Resistance: 100 / Noise: 99.1
Overall: The new Michelin Energy Saver+ had the best rolling resistance, but was the weakest tyre in wet handling, proving the balance between fuel economy and wet grip is still difficult to master. Only being average in the dry left the Michelin in last place

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