Шины и диски на Хонда (Honda) CR-V


Шины Топ шин по отзывам для Honda CR-V

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Nokian Hakka SUV
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Michelin Latitude X-Ice
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Nokian Hakkapeliitta 4
  Управляемость   Поведение на льду   Поведение на снегу


Madre Nicky сказал...
more than year ago
cool....I like CRVs
alex сказал...
more than year ago
CRV- best!
Icaro сказал...
more than year ago
- This is just the loveliest fimlay session ever. So warm and filled with love and energy. I adore the sibling shot on the bed, so rich and gorgeous. I never tire at looking at your work.
Eren сказал...
more than year ago
- These are GREAT! I especially love the one of the llttie boy with his legos, I can totally relate to that one as my llttie guy is also a lover of Lego. Your black and white conversion is to die for
Felipe сказал...
more than year ago
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Rishavbhai сказал...
more than year ago
Personally, if cameras wihoutt doubt made the roads safer, I'd go with it. I cant stand the hotch potch of bumps, width restrictions chicanes everywhere. If cameras work, you shouldn't need all the random bumps and bends. So my thought is, they don't, or we'd just have cameras and councils would take fines, end of.What would be better is a fleet of unmarked real coppers who at any time could stop speeders and dangerous drivers. You would not know who was a copper. After a pile of convictions, the persistent idiots who ruin everything for the rest of us would ditch the phone and slow down and become safer like us, or be removed from the roads.As was mentioned, cameras cant determine dangerous, but coppers can and they can have cctv in their cars and hats too, just to stop them getting power crazy
Jaikey сказал...
more than year ago
What Mike conveniently fails to metinon is that the speed limit on so many roads has been artificially lowered over the last ten years or so, often by as much as 20mph, simply to raise revenue. For example the East London stretch of the A13, a three lane dual carriageway, was reduced to a ridiculous 40mph for several years until they installed average speed cameras last year. Hardly a single vehicle ever stuck to that totally inappropriate speed (except when passing the two Gatsos) and rightly so. If the stupid authorities really believed that 40mph was an appropriate limit why did they increase it to 50mph when the Gatsos were replaced? Even 50mph is far too low for a three lane dual carriageway. Artificial inappropriately low speed limits are widespread across the country and deserve to be treated with the contempt they deserve.
Doug сказал...
more than year ago
I have never understood the argmuent that cameras are more to do with generating revenue, as if to say people are forced to speed. The reality is that male drivers are eight times more likely to kill or seriously injure someone than female drivers, and the reason they are is because they tend to drive faster and more aggressively (or are we supposed to believe that male drivers are some eight times more inattentive than female drivers!). And those who tell you speed/speeding is only a minor cause of fatal and serious injury collisions are liars. 40% of car occupant deaths, for example, happen in single vehicle collisions/crashes, and whilst some of them are due to the driver falling asleep, the vast majority of them are because the driver lost control precisely because they were driving much too fast.
Marekiaro сказал...
more than year ago
Gatso's are deemed legal by the time that they have been in potsiion according to judge Mark -,in a recent court case. No speed camera has planning permission, local byelaws state that any busines must have planning permission to operate and advertise on the road side,a busines is a device that generates revenue,(WHAT IS REVENUE) fees, payments costs,fines,proffits, are some of the names used,NOW WHAT DO SPEED CAMERAS DO,one more thought for people to think on, I've spent more than 40yrs driving for a living all over europe and middle east inc scandinavia, russia, britian is the only country that persecutes drivers by doing them 6/7 times for one offence. MOTORIST of britian wake up united you can change this situation
Halime сказал...
more than year ago
The use of The dreaded laser speed guns were acltaluy banned from use in the U.S.A. because the rain affected the results.As the UK police reject proof from the U.S.A of anything that is detrimental to them collecting more cash from the downtrodden British motorist, I am also surprised that the mobile speed traps (OPs! sorry, I should say Road Safety partnership vehicles in the interests of political correctness) are not on the road during inclement weather.Perhaps it is too uncomfortable for the operatives in cold or wet weather to operate these so called road safety Vans , and we would not wish them to be uncomfortable whilst sqeeezing the last penny from us.