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Гайка: 12*1.25
PCD: 5*114.3
Диаметр: 66.1 мм

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Ronaldquar сказал...
more than year ago
Bakugan сказал...
more than year ago
I am getting a qahqsai 1.6 on thursday and can't wait the only thing I will have too get is there is a lot of vibration on the road when out and about in it but everything is brill as it is highlighted quite often as it is really easy to get and out of the car hence why I am getting myself as it is also very spacious too it feels a lot bigger than it really does too tell u all more when I get it on thursday Dan
Kira сказал...
more than year ago
these crossovers I agree, small like a car, tows like a car. But a suv to tow your boat while biignrng your 4 kids and your wife to the lake, and double to pull your 16 000lbs work trailer is far from stupid. Some people need the room, others need the towing capacity and some need both. You won't get both with a pickup or a minivan. And they should make diesel minivan for north america. Sick of 15l/100km people mover :s
Rahmat сказал...
more than year ago
Much prefer the looks of the oriignal ( as reviewed), I've got a 2009 model and will hold onto it. Whatcar review of the 2010 face lifted model say that Nissan introduced the styling changes to show that the Qashqai has more in common with a small family hatch than a 4 4.That's the reason the QQ was a success, because it looked like nothing else on the road with it's obvious 4 4 looks in a compact size. Now it's very car-like from the front, and that has diluted the looks IMO.
Jafar сказал...
more than year ago
The pre-facelift model looked a lot nicer not that this is an ugly car, its just that where I live, it's like the Ford Explorer in USA in the 1990 s EVERYONE HAS ONE!!! I would raethr have a Mitsubishi Outlander than this one, much more stylish
Yash сказал...
more than year ago
hay otra publicidad de la nasisn Quashqai que es igual identica a esta pero que tiene como base musical, un tema medio rap con violines ..si alguien mas la vio, me pueden decir donde encontrarla? me enamore da la base musical
Anggiriani сказал...
more than year ago
There is certainly never been anhtying like Beats By Dre. The bulky rainbow headphones undoubtedly are a gaudy staple of shopping malls, planes, clubs, and sidewalks everywhere: as mammoth, beloved, and expensive as their namesake. But Dr. Dre didn't just hatch the flashy lineup from his / her freight train chest: The venture began just as one unlikely partnership between a record-industry powerhouse and also a boutique audio company best known for making overpriced HDMI wires.
CurtisBourl сказал...
6 months ago
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