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Joao сказал...
more than year ago
What are you even What are you even doing here? Don't you realize that Ford never clamied huge power out of the 2010 GT? Apparently all the 09 GTs needed anyway was a new intake to match up to the big bad SS. Shame seems a whole 15 hp is all it takes to trounce GM. The only thing more embarrassing than the Camaro's inefficiency is your knowledge of autos. Know why Chevy put a big engine in the Camaro? Penis envy. Yet, the 4.6 comes out on top. See, man? don't feel bad, small things can get the job done
Diamond сказал...
more than year ago
A jak twoim zdaniem wayglda profesjonalna naprawa skoro to jest prymityw?? W Polsce nie takie rzeczy sie naprawia, nawet najbardziej zmasakrowane auto teoretycznie mozna doprowadzic do stanu sprzed wypadku. Pisze teoretycznie bo czesto technologia jakiej trzeba uzyc jest nieoplacalna. Najgorsze jest to ze ten samochod pewnie sprzedano jako bazwypadkowy Nie krytykuj blacharzy, oni tylko wykonuja swoja prace i w tym przypadku zrobili to naprawde niezle:)
Monica сказал...
more than year ago
droidnoid is right! I live in switzerland and have odererd a mustang GT. will be a 2012 model and arrive in may. can't wait! one reason why I odererd it is certainly that I always wanted to have an american car with a V8 cause for me these are simply the best sounding engines in the world. but besides, these cars just offer so much value for the money! even though I pay much more here for it then in america, a european car offering the same power would cost me like $ 120'000. go mustang!!
Doughboy сказал...
more than year ago
Going to put this ariltce to good use now.
Cannon сказал...
more than year ago
Call me wind because I am ablutosely blown away.
ARza сказал...
more than year ago
Powinna być kara bezwzględnego winzieeia dla osf3b, ktf3re naprawiają jak i dla osf3b, dla ktf3rych zlecają taką naprawę. Jest on naprawiony beznadziejnie i prymitywnie. Stanowi on realne zagrożenie dla życia lub zdrowia jego konstrukcja była dość zacznie naruszona. Samochf3d ten powinien być zezłomowany w żadnym wypadku nie może być coś takiego naprawiane.
Jon сказал...
more than year ago
this car is AWFUL ,, first of all im a lexus//acura guy ,i test drove this car last week coz one of my friends enacugroed me to take a look at this new ford mustang and i have to say that this car handles like a prehistoric car just like the body styling look,, it only handles good on a straight line but that doesn't give any exception coz all brand new vehicles these days handle great on a straight line
Simarjet сказал...
more than year ago
yea but a 1000bhp skyline has no class or sttaus and its not a reliable daily driver or street legal. and looks are personal, im guessing youre just a a little boy racer who thinks r33 s are the coolest car ever. and its better than poor loser boy wannabe gayness lmao. Theres a reason they dont make R33 s anymore little boy.
Najat сказал...
more than year ago
Ford Mustang 2014 model will take at least an additional 20 horse power extra, briignng a total of approximately 570 horsepower. It will not be a major redesign, since the new Mustang arrives in 2014, but continued to struggle Chevy Camaro ZL1. Engineering complexity and the sheer cost of the packaging of twin turbos with a V8 into the engine bay and still offers a decent price. However, fans of the brand probably will not be dissatisfied.
Radin сказал...
more than year ago
Corey, thanks for the shout out! I was really surprised at how good the Mustang's gotten. I've owned two Miatas (a '93 and my current '06), and the 2011 Mustang is as confidence-inspiring as my Miata. Sink a little money into the Mustang's suspension (drop the ride height via lower, stiffer springs and add firmer shocks) and I think you'd be able to surprise a whole lot of other cars.
Richa сказал...
more than year ago
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Jerrius сказал...
more than year ago
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Dave сказал...
more than year ago
What a great blog Todd I have been through many of these inctdenis with Andrew but this is definately one of the scarier ones! I am glad the two of you made it home safe and sound ~ all the best on the rest of your tour and be safe !
Zaka сказал...
more than year ago
I have been absent for some time, but now I rbmemeer why I used to love this site. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?
Miguel сказал...
more than year ago
This song is very sad, some happier song will be beettr I think, cause there is time to celebrate! You did a huge piece of work, you saved very nice car :-) So be proud and happy, not sad :-) Once again, awsome work man!
Sondi сказал...
more than year ago
Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brliailnt posts.
EainSi сказал...
more than year ago
HOORAY! I'm so happy to be back on the recapping case! Other shows??? :o Let us not speak of it again.I ralley like your point! I think the narrative here's been replaced by the powerful emotional story, the intense yearning (for a new home, for haven, for the confirmation one isn't alone in the universe). And MAN, IT'S SO GOOD!Yay for another Chantho fan! So sorry to see her go. And gah, I was seriously thrilled to see Jack running for (and hanging onto for LIFE, hee, poor dude) that TARDIS!ME TOO! Very happy to have you comment today it's great encouragement, and lovely to interact with you about the eps again!
Ralf сказал...
more than year ago
Carraol! despue9s de muuuuchos dedas sin pasar por aqued, hoy he deicdido asomarme. Oye me encanta este perrito, sobre todo la primera foto, que9 lindo!que9 tal por DF? Madrid sigue igual.. more or less
Simran сказал...
more than year ago
I don't think that there are many people out there that would say they don't like the feel for speed whheter you are male or female. I can honestly say that I had to have been a F1 racer in my past life, the thrill that I get from driving fast, I absolutely love it. Any chance I get to drive friends cars that are faster than mine I grab with both hands.This statement is so very true Various drivers have passed many comments, regarding the thrill of driving a fast car. For some there are no words to describe the feeling you get when you are speeding, and that one should experience it for themselves. For others, it was fun and a way, for them to take their mind off whatever was bothering them. Unless this is for you and you have the passion for speed its really a feeling that one can't really describe in words to another.
Jaiveer сказал...
more than year ago
That's not just logic. That's really senbsile.
Brenda сказал...
more than year ago
It costs around a tnener for a new one. They may ask to see the registration doucument before making you one up, and they should fit it for you if you ask nicely!
Stephanie сказал...
more than year ago
Never seen a beettr post! ICOCBW
Michaelpach сказал...
more than year ago
WilliamVami сказал...
more than year ago
Wow, great forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Labbee
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more than year ago
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