Шины / Continental

Шины Continental WinterContact TS 870 P
зимние шины / нешипованная M+S 3PMSF / для легковых автомобилей

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WinterContact™ TS 870 P - Winter gives you rain, ice and snow. We give you control.
No season combines so many different weather conditions as winter does. Nevertheless, we want you to reliably master all of them. The new WinterContact™ TS 870 P is equipped with an improved sipe and pattern concept, which gives you excellent grip on snow and ice. At the same time, a new composition of our CoolChili™ compound enables an optimised wet performance, extra-low rolling resistance and high mileage, to make you enjoy a safe winter ride at any time – under any conditions.

Handle your car precisely on snow and ice thanks to its intelligent sipe and pattern concept.
Experience excellent wet performance due to a new composition of our CoolChili™ compound.
Benefit from high mileage and low rolling resistance leading to low fuel consumption.

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Модель шин Размер Инд. нагрузки/скорости RunFlat XL Цена
WinterContact TS 870 P 215 / 65 R16 870 P | 150 км/ч     от 9 335 руб.
WinterContact TS 870 P 215 / 65 R16 870 P | 150 км/ч   XL от 9 989 руб.
WinterContact TS 870 P 215 / 65 R16 98 T | 750кг 190 км/ч     от 9 380 руб.

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