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Tire Rack 2011. Тест летних скоростных шин размера 225/45 R17


1st: Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Total: 37.9 / Dry: 8.6 / Wet: 7.7 / Subjective: 7.9 / Comfort: 6.8 / Noise: 6.9
Positive: "Wow" handling and ultimate traction
Negative: We'd soften the ride just a little on big bumps to make everyday commuting more civilized
Overall: This is the new super star in the Max Performance Summer category

2nd: Bridgestone Potenza S04 Pole Position
Total: 37.2 / Dry: 8.5 / Wet: 7.4 / Subjective: 7.7 / Comfort: 6.8 / Noise: 6.8
Positive: Responsive steering and confidence-inspiring handling
Negative: We'd like a little more ultimate grip in the dry and wet
Overall: A capable tire that feels great from behind the wheel

3rd: Continental ExtremeContact DW
Total: 36.8 / Dry: 7.9 / Wet: 7.6 / Subjective: 7.3 / Comfort: 7 / Noise: 7
Positive: Comfortable road manners
Negative: We'd sharpen steering response and handling precision
Overall: Plenty of ultimate grip with very good ride quality

4th: Pirelli P Zero
Total: 36.7 / Dry: 8.4 / Wet: 7.4 / Subjective: 7.6 / Comfort: 6.7 / Noise: 6.6
Positive: Composed road manners and handling
Negative: We'd reduce the tread noise somewhat
Overall: An older but still capable tire that can't quite match the capability of newer tires

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