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Sport Auto 2011. Тест зимних высокоскоростных шин размера 225/45 R17


1st: Nokian WR D3
Total: 248 / Dry: 68 / Wet: 81 / Snow: 99
Overall: The Finnish brand Nokian clearly show their snow expertise by winning the snow and dry tests, combining two key qualities of a winter tyres. When wet, the D3 score slightly weakens due to poor "on the limit handling", switching between under and oversteer.

2nd: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D
Total: 243 / Dry: 63 / Wet: 90 / Snow: 90
Overall: The Dunlop Winter Sport 4D is the winter tyre to have on any terrain. Characterised by good ride, the Dunlop narrowly missed out on the test win due to slightly poor dry braking.

3rd: Michelin Alpin A4
Total: 242 / Dry: 67 / Wet: 95 / Snow: 80
Overall: Perhaps the sportiest tyre on test, the Michelin Alpin A4 wins the wet tests and only trails the leading dry tyre by 1 point. Unfortunately it seems the sporty characteristics in the dry and wet leave the Michelin scoring poorly in the snow, leaving the BMW with understeer.

4th: Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2
Total: 240 / Dry: 62 / Wet: 92 / Snow: 86
Overall: While the Goodyear is closely related to the Dunlop, the different design approaches are obvious. The Goodyear has a much safer approach, which leaves the car understeering when it could develop extra grip at the risk of dynamic instability. Still, a good all round result, only slightly weaker than the Dunlop in the snow.

5th: Pirelli Sottozero Serie II
Total: 232 / Dry: 60 / Wet: 94 / Snow: 78
Overall: When wet, the Pirelli is one of the best tyres for a sporty drive, giving just a little understeer on the limit. Unfortunately the Pirelli can't carry the performance through to the dry or the snow, taking over 2 metres longer than the Nokian to stop in the dry.

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