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Auto Zeitung 2010. Тест летних внедорожных шин размера 255/55 R18


1st: Continental Cross Contact UHP
Total: 324 / Dry: 127 / Wet: 133 / Offroad: 64
Dry: Best on the brakes in the dry and excellent feedback and response
Wet: Strongest wet braking, accurate steering and good-natured reaction
Offroad: Best on the brakes and consistent in the other tests means the Continental wins the offroad section
Overall: The Continental Cross-ContactUHP scores well in all the key tests to win overall

2nd: Michelin Latitude Sport
Total: 294 / Dry: 134 / Wet: 108 / Offroad: 52
Dry: Braking, handling, safety, slalom, rolling resistance -- Michelin wins them all in the dry
Wet: Michelin is the best in the longitudinal aquaplaning, everywhere scores average.
Offroad: The second highest traction on wet grass
Overall: Fantastic dry grip, surprisingly good offroad performance

3rd: Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport
Total: 282 / Dry: 120 / Wet: 115 / Offroad: 47
Dry: Communicative steering leads to a good dry result
Wet: Good wet handling, let down slightly by braking
Offroad: Consistent strong scoring, but not excelling anywhere
Overall: A well balanced all round tyre

4th: Nokian Z SUV
Total: 281 / Dry: 124 / Wet: 103 / Offroad: 54
Dry: Lowest rolling resistance and easy safe handling
Wet: Excellent feedback in the Wet:, slight understeeer
Offroad: Long wet grass stopping distances, but the best traction
Overall: With no real weaknesses and low rolling resistance the Nokian Z SUV places fourth

5th: Dunlop SP QuattroMaxx
Total: 278 / Dry: 122 / Wet: 100 / Offroad: 56
Dry: Another tyre with great steering feel
Wet: In the wet the Dunlop tends to switch to understeer quite quickly
Offroad: The QuattroMaxx grips well on wet grass and on dirt roads. The traction on sand is average
Overall: Strong in the dry and offroad, the Dunlop SPO QuattroMaxx is let down by the wet weather performance

6th: Hankook Ventus ST
Total: 272 / Dry: 107 / Wet: 109 / Offroad: 56
Dry: A poor dry performance with the tyre overheating when pushed hard
Wet: The gentle understeer Hankook works perfectly with the control systems of the BMW X5
Offroad: Ventus ST disappointed in the mud and on the freshly mown lawn
Overall: The Hankook RH06 is let down by it's dry performance and rolling resistance

7th: Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta
Total: 264 / Dry: 115 / Wet: 94 / Offroad: 55
Dry: The poor braking performance and steering response let down the otherwise strong dry performance
Wet: An average wet performance
Offroad: The Ultrac SUV Sessanta shines with a stable ride on trails and provides good traction on sand values
Overall: Despite the open-profile, the Ultrac SUV Sessenta is let down by wet performance

8th: Kumho Ecsta X3 KL17 ASYMMETRIC
Total: 257 / Dry: 93 / Wet: 112 / Offroad: 52
Dry: The Kumho spoiled its score with the longest braking distances, the slowest lap time and the highest rolling resistance
Wet: The Kumho brakes well and is complemented perfectly by the DSC (ESP) of the BMW X5
Offroad: Rather long braking distance off road leads to a poor score
Overall: The new Kumho Ecsta X3 Asymmetric is a wet-optimized tyre

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