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Auto Bild 2011. Тест зимних скоростных шин размера 225/40 R18


1st: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D
Total: 24 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 8 / Snow: 9
Positive: Excellent winter tyres with dynamic handling characteristics. Highest safety reserves in aquaplaning, with short braking distances on both wet and dry roads.

2nd: Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2
Total: 23 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 9
Positive: Top winter tyres with excellent traction and shortest braking distances on snow covered slopes. Stable cornering with safe driving characteristics. Excellent aquaplaning properties

3rd: Pirelli Sottozero Serie II
Total: 21 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 7
Positive: Balanced sports winter tyre. Stable cornering and safe qualities on snow, excellent steering precision with good dynamic response and handling

4th: Continental WinterContact TS 830 P
Total: 21 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 7
Positive: Sport handling qualities on wet and dry track, short braking distance and pleasant ride comfort
Negative: Understeer on snow, only average aquaplaning result

5th: Hankook Winter i cept evo
Total: 21 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 8
Positive: Impressive handling qualities on snow, good stering precision and short braking distances on dry roads
Negative: Slightly longer braking distances on wet roads and a high rolling resistance

6th: Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3
Total: 18 / Dry: 8 / Wet: 4 / Snow: 6
Positive: Good on snow, high steering precision and cornering stability on dry roads. Low rolling resistance
Negative: Understeer and long braking in the wet, average aquaplaning results

7th: Rockstone Ice plus s210
Total: 18.1 / Dry: 8 / Wet: 0.1 / Snow: 10
Positive: Good snow performance
Negative: Perhaps the perfect example of why budget winter tyres struggle in the UK climate. While this tyre was excellent in the snow it was rated dangerous in the wet with massive braking distances and terrible aquaplaning properties. Overall Autobild called the tyre "defective"!

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