Тесты шин

Auto Bild 2010. Тест зимних шин для внедорожников размера 215/65 R16


1st: Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D
Total: 25 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 8 / Snow: 10
Positive: Fantastic grip and short braking distances on snow, predictable handling, very balanced winter tyres with no real weaknesses.
Negative: Average rolling resistance.
Overall: Exemplary.

2nd: Continental ContiCrossContact Winter
Total: 23 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 10
Positive: Balanced winter tires, short braking distances on snow, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Slightly extended stopping distance on dry pavement, not exactly cheap.
Overall: Exemplary.

3rd: Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero
Total: 22 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 6 / Snow: 9
Positive: Short braking distances on snow, very quiet, well-balanced winter tire, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Somewhat reduced performance in curved aquaplaning.
Overall: Exemplary.

4th: Michelin Latitude Alpin HP
Total: 19 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 5 / Snow: 7
Positive: Good snow grip, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Reduced adhesion on wet roads, light steering response, not exactly cheap.
Overall: Recommended.

5th: Toyo Open Country WT
Total: 19 / Dry: 6 / Wet: 5 / Snow: 8
Positive: Cheap, good on snow, short dry braking distance.
Negative: Slightly reduced grip on wet roads, moderate comfort, high rolling resistance.
Overall: Recommended.

6th: Nokian W RG2 SUV
Total: 18 / Dry: 8 / Wet: 7 / Snow: 3
Positive: Great on wet and dry roads, low rolling resistance.
Negative: Poor grip on snow, moderate comfort, not cheap.
Overall: Recommended.

7th: Bridgestone Blizzak LM25 4X4
Total: 18 / Dry: 7 / Wet: 5 / Snow: 6

8th: Kumho Izen RV KC15
Total: 15 / Dry: 5 / Wet: 3 / Snow: 7
Positive: very cheap winter tires, good on snow, very low rolling resistance.
Negative: Very poor wet grip, spongy ride in dry conditions, poor aquaplaning resistance.
Overall: Not recommended.

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