Шины Bridgestone
Шины Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80
зимние шины / нешипованная / для внедорожников


The new Blizzak LM-80 targets the latest generation of SUV’s and CUV’s with improved winter performance compared to the LM-25 it replaces. Snow performance is especially enhanced through application of the latest pattern and siping technologies. Development aimed for the optimum balance between the different performance requirements of SUV’s and CUV’s in European winter conditions: improved traction on loose and compact snow, more grip on ice, higher wet safety, and improved fuel consumption and environmental performance.

Некоторые модели Магазин Телефоны Цена
Blizzak LM-80 235 / 55 R18 100H VMauto.ru +7 (495) 768-5527 15 124 руб.      купить
Blizzak LM-80 0 / 0 R0 Mobil Express +7 (495) 664-39-64 0 руб.      купить
Blizzak LM-80 235 / 50 R18 97H ДискоМаркет +7 (499) 638-26-16 10 824 руб.      купить

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