Тесты шин Тест спортивных шин для трека 2012 — Sport Auto — 235/35 R19


235/35 R19
305/30 R19

1st: Pirelli P Zero Trofeo
Total: 211 / Dry: 140 / Wet: 43 / Subjective: 28
Overall: The best balance of wet and dry performance on test. A very manageable tyre in the dry, when pushed the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo reacts with a little understeer. Strong rear stability in both the dry and wet.
Misc: 44.6 kgs

2nd: Continental ContiForceContact
Total: 205 / Dry: 136 / Wet: 45 / Subjective: 24
Overall: The Continental Force Contact is the strongest tyre on test in wet conditions. In the dry it lacks a certain subjective sharpness, but this doesn't affect the ultimate lap time in the test. A fast tyre, characterised by a little understeer and a little soft at the limit.
Misc: 41.8 kgs

3rd: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Plus
Total: 208 / Dry: 139 / Wet: 39 / Subjective: 30
Overall: The sharpest tyre on test, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup+ is extremely direct with quick steering response and a high level of grip. While this makes the Michelin feel the purest race tyre on test, it also means you have to be a capable driver, as it can be snappy on the limit and the rear can break quickly in the wet.
Misc: 44 kgs

4th: Dunlop SportMaxx Race
Total: 200 / Dry: 142 / Wet: 31 / Subjective: 27
Overall: The new Dunlop Sport Maxx Race is a strong dry weather tyre. One of the fastest lap times, it has a beautiful neutral balance and is extremely strong on the brakes. It seems to have traded a little wet performance for the excellent dry handling, as when the track gets wet the grip levels fall away and the handling gets a little snappy.
Misc: 44.2 kgs

5th: Toyo R888
Total: 155 / Dry: 127 / Wet: 9 / Subjective: 19
Overall: In the wet the Toyo doesn't perform, nearly 20 seconds slowest than the fastest tyre, and leaving the car snappy and difficult to drive. In the dry the R888 lacks the steering precision of the other tyres on test, and leaves the rear of the Porsche loose.
Misc: 50.8 kgs

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