Тесты шин Тест летних скоростных шин 2011 — Sport Auto — 245/40 R18


1st: Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Total: 233 / Dry: 124 / Wet: 64 / Subjective: 45
Overall: The Michelin Pilot Super Sport left the most sporty impression, characterised by extremely precise steering and agile handling. Over 10 dry handling laps the Pilot Super Sport shows no degradation of lap time unlike the competitors. On a wet track the quick load change required an experience driver.

2nd: Pirelli P Zero
Total: 231 / Dry: 120 / Wet: 71 / Subjective: 40
Overall: The Pirelli P Zero is an excellent all round tyre with very balanced scoring and handling.

3rd: Nokian Z G2
Total: 226 / Dry: 109 / Wet: 79 / Subjective: 38
Overall: The Nokian Z G2 shines in the wet with the best braking, the second fastest lap time and beautifully balanced handling. Slight understeer in the dry.

4th: Bridgestone Potenza S001
Total: 218 / Dry: 113 / Wet: 66 / Subjective: 39
Overall: The S001 is a good all round tyre without shining in any particular area.

5th: Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
Total: 215 / Dry: 104 / Wet: 73 / Subjective: 38
Overall: The Toyo T1 Sport is a wet weather specalist, placing second in the wet tests. Unfortunately in the dry the steering provides little feedback and understeer inhibits agility. The tyre seems to overheat on quick laps.

6th: Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT
Total: 209 / Dry: 117 / Wet: 52 / Subjective: 40
Overall: The Sport Maxx GT was developed with the Audi TT and offers excellent dry performance and a quick precise steering. When wet, the Dunlop suffers with a relative lack of grip leading to 6th place.

7th: Sava intensa uhp
Total: 188 / Dry: 94 / Wet: 62 / Subjective: 32
Misc: While the Sava is the cheapest tyre in the test, it cannot keep up with the premium competition. The Sava has very good aquaplaning properties, but a lack of grip in the wet and dry leading to heavy understeer. Worst tyre for braking.

Pirelli PZero летние / легковые

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