Тесты шин Тест зимних шин 2012 — EVO — 205/55 R16


1st: Continental WinterContact TS 850
Total: 372.9 / Dry: 88.9 / Wet: 98.5 / Snow: 99.9 / Subjective: 85.6
Dry: Second quickest winter tyre laptime in the dry, but the tyre went off after 3 laps, and felt a little vague subjectively
Wet: Fastest winter tyre in the wet and second only to the Michelin subjectively thanks to a neutral balance and stability on the limit
Snow: Fastest in the snow, the Continental was confidence inspiring with its delivery. Good under power, and progressive at the limit

2nd: Michelin Alpin A4
Total: 370 / Dry: 87 / Wet: 95.8 / Snow: 97.5 / Subjective: 89.7
Dry: Fourth fastest winter tyre in the dry, with good front end bite.
Wet: Also fourth fastest in the wet, the Michelin had the best subjective score with grainy grip and excellent stability right to the limit.
Snow: Less than a second behind the Conti, the Michelin offered a similar lap time, with just a little more understeer at the limit.

3rd: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D
Total: 365.1 / Dry: 88.1 / Wet: 95.6 / Snow: 99.8 / Subjective: 81.6
Dry: Third fastest dry lap, stable under braking but couldn't match the Goodyear for subjective feel.
Wet: Third fastest winter tyre in the wet, and felt as balance and composed as the Conti, with just slightly lower limits.
Snow: Almost equalling the Conti in the snow, the Dunlop offered a similar level of speed and controllability.

4th: Goodyear UltraGrip 8
Total: 364.8 / Dry: 87.5 / Wet: 97.8 / Snow: 97.8 / Subjective: 81.7
Dry: Fastest dry laptime of the winters, with a good subjective score too. Quick, nose led turn in.
Wet: Fifth fastest in the wet, the Goodyear scored poor subjectively due to a loose feel, with lots of rear instability on turn in.
Snow: Joint fourth, the Goodyear provided a strong time, with a little rear end instability if the fronts hooked up hard.

5th: Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Total: 364.8 / Dry: 87.5 / Wet: 97.8 / Snow: 97.8 / Subjective: 81.7
Dry: Sixth fastest winter tyre in the dry, like the Michelin it had good front end turn in response, but couldn't quite match it on pace.
Wet: Second slowest tyre in the wet, the Vredestein also had stability issues in the fast slalom.
Snow: Two seconds behind the Conti, the Vredestein needed a little more steering lock to turn the car and struggled with traction out of the corners.

6th: Nokian WR D3
Total: 361.6 / Dry: 88.5 / Wet: 94.7 / Snow: 95.3 / Subjective: 83.1
Dry: Second slowest tyre on test, but just 0.4 seconds down on the fastest winter, the Nokian offered the best balance and feel in the dry.
Wet: Sixth fastest in the wet, the Nokian had good grip mid corner on a steady throttle, but washed out when further loaded.
Snow: Like the Vredestein, the Nokian struggled to get out of the corners, but was slightly better balanced overall.

7th: Pirelli Winter Snow Control Series 3
Total: 361.6 / Dry: 87.5 / Wet: 94.4 / Snow: 96.1 / Subjective: 83.6
Dry: Slightly faster than the Vredestein in fifth, but a poor front end meant the rear wasn't adjustable.
Wet: Second fastest time in the wet and forth subjectively, the Pirelli offers stable high speed cornering.
Snow: Slowest of the winters, the Pirelli struggled with traction out of the corners.

8th: Continental Premium Contact 2
Total: 339.5 / Dry: 93.9 / Wet: 96.6 / Snow: 49.7 / Subjective: 99.3
Dry: Unsurprisingly the summer tyre tops the subjective dry handling tests, with a crisp turn in and an in corner precision unrivalled.
Wet: Again, the fastest tyre in the wet but due to quick break away at the limit, only the third subjectively.
Snow: The Continental summer tyre was over 50 seconds slower than the Continental winter tyre, and felt scary at even 10mph.

9th: Linglong Winter Hero Radial 650
Total: 331.9 / Dry: 93.4 / Wet: 79.8 / Snow: 97.2 / Subjective: 61.5
Dry: The slowest tyre on test, the Linglong was sloppy and hard to understand at the limit.
Wet: Dead last both subjectively and objectively, the Linglong was over 12 seconds a lap slower than the Conti, and provided terrible grip, traction, stability and predictability. A liability.
Snow: Equal fourth in the snow test, the Linglong had speed, but little balance making the laptime a challenge.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 летние / легковые

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