Тесты шин Тест зимних шин 2011 — EVO — 225/45 R17


1st: Continental WinterContact TS 830 P
Total: 456.3 / Dry: 94.1 / Wet: 96.6 / Snow: 98 / Subjective: 77.1 / Overall: 90.5
Dry: Soft and friendly, tidy when hustled. 3rd fasted dry lap time.
Wet: Smooth and flowing, very predictable in its responses. 3rd fastest lap time.
Snow: Mid pack snow performance but stable.
Overall: The Continental is objectively the best overall, which it combined with solid results to win the test.

2nd: Michelin Alpin A4
Total: 456.8 / Dry: 92.1 / Wet: 95.6 / Snow: 95.2 / Subjective: 83.5 / Overall: 90.4
Dry: Subjectively the best winter tyre in the dry. 9th fastest lap time.
Wet: A winter tyre that feels truly precise in the wet. Fastest wet lap time.
Snow: Slightly better than the Conti in the snow, still trails the Goodyear and Dunlop winters.
Overall: Best on-road feel and consistently good in the tests gives the Michelin Alpin A4 a strong second.

3rd: Pirelli SNOWCONTROL Serie II
Total: 453.2 / Dry: 92.1 / Wet: 96.9 / Snow: 94.2 / Subjective: 79.9 / Overall: 90.1
Dry: Soft and lazy feel. Slowest dry lap time.
Wet: Best subjective score in the wet, 2nd fastest lap time.
Snow: Strong performance finishing 3rd in the snow lap.
Overall: Best in the wet.

4th: Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2
Total: 451.4 / Dry: 92.3 / Wet: 94.3 / Snow: 99.6 / Subjective: 75.7 / Overall: 89.5
Dry: Decent front end feel, lacks bite on the brakes. 7th Fastest dry lap time.
Wet: Benign nature and good low speed agility, 5th fastest wet lap time.
Snow: Best winter tyre in the snow.

5th: Vredestein Quatrac 3
Total: 447.6 / Dry: 94.3 / Wet: 91.6 / Snow: 92 / Subjective: 80.7 / Overall: 89
Dry: Most positive front end after the summer tyre. 2nd fastest dry lap time.
Wet: A little tail happy but strong front end and lots of steering feel. 7th fastest wet lap.
Snow: Surprisingly strong in the snow with the quickest lap time! 6th in the slalom.

6th: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D
Total: 443.1 / Dry: 93 / Wet: 94.3 / Snow: 96.3 / Subjective: 71.6 / Overall: 87.9
Dry: Good time but soft turn in. 5th fastest dry lap time.
Wet: Soft and friendly feel, happy turning. 6th fastest laptime.
Snow: Best in snow slalom.
Overall: Extremely strong in the dry and snow (pre-production tyre used)

7th: Hankook Optimo 4S
Total: 442 / Dry: 93.2 / Wet: 94.5 / Snow: 92.4 / Subjective: 74.1 / Overall: 87.8
Dry: Strong on the brakes, stable direction change. 6th fastest dry lap time.
Wet: Strong wet grip, 4th fastest wet lap.
Snow: 7th in both the snow slalom and laptimes, above the dedicated winter SV2.

8th: Nankang SV2
Total: 413.3 / Dry: 92.6 / Wet: 86.9 / Snow: 85.5 / Subjective: 65.4 / Overall: 82.9
Dry: Surprisingly good in the dry, 6th fastest lap time.
Wet: Oily, vaque, loads of lock needed, hard to tell when the wheels are locked. 9th fastest wet lap time.
Snow: Worst winter tyre on test, 3 seconds a lap slower than the all season Hankook.

9th: Kumho Solus Vier KH21
Total: 405.5 / Dry: 92.6 / Wet: 88.5 / Snow: 73.8 / Subjective: 69.8 / Overall: 80.8
Dry: Strong on the brakes, stable direction change. 4th fastest dry lap time.
Wet: Reluctant to turn in, little traction, jumps sideways under power, sloppy. Slowest wet lap time.
Snow: Extremely poor snow performance, nearly 9 seconds slower than the next best tyre.

10th: Continental Sport Contact 3
Total: 311.1 / Dry: 100 / Wet: 90.9 / Snow: -36.1 / Subjective: 94.8 / Overall: 61.5
Dry: Clear leader in the dry by over 3 seconds a (115 second) lap. Different league subjectively. Extremely precise compared to winter tyres.
Wet: Marginally preferred the feel to the winter version, only 8th fastest wet lap time.
Snow: Couldn't even get to the start line for the snow handling!

Continental ContiSportContact 3 летние / легковые
Источник: EVO

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