Тесты шин Тест зимних шин 2011 — Auto Zeitung — 205/55 R16


1st: Goodyear UltraGrip 8
Total: 381 / Dry: 116 / Wet: 136 / Snow: 129
Dry: Very stable, strong braking. Average rolling resistance.
Wet: Strongest tyre in the wet with class leading grip and braking.
Snow: Flawless in the snow makes the Goodyear an extremely safe tyre with great balance.
Overall: The new Goodyear Ultragrip 8 is convincing in every respect, and confidently wins the test.

2nd: Semperit Speed Grip 2
Total: 374 / Dry: 127 / Wet: 129 / Snow: 118
Dry: Lowest rolling resistance, short braking distances and good steering precision.
Wet: Super precise turn in, very stable, good grip. Slightly weakness with aquaplaning.
Snow: Very good traction and braking.
Overall: The new Semperit Speed Grip 2 has impeccable precision meaning a strong 2nd place.

3rd: Nokian WR D3
Total: 365 / Dry: 112 / Wet: 111 / Snow: 142
Dry: One of the strongest tyres under dry braking, excellent load change reactions.
Wet: Fast times and high levels of security when driving in the wet. Average aquaplaning.
Snow: If it's snowing the WR D3 leaves them all behind. Best grip and good neutral balance.
Overall: Excellent handling on snow and good overall handling characteristics leave the Nokian WR D3 in a strong 3rd.

4th: Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D
Total: 363 / Dry: 118 / Wet: 130 / Snow: 115
Dry: Lots of feedback, good handling. Average rolling resistance value.
Wet: Good wet grip.
Snow: Good values for traction, braking and handling. Dynamic tyre with high safety reserves.
Overall: The new Dunlop Winter Sport 4d runs well under all conditions and is always safe and sporty.

5th: Continental WinterContact TS830
Total: 359 / Dry: 123 / Wet: 135 / Snow: 101
Dry: Good driving safety in the dry, low noise.
Wet: Neutral handling, fast and safe.
Snow: Slightly weak traction.
Overall: Due to be replaced soon, the Continental WinterContact TS830 is still a leading winter tyre.

6th: Pirelli Winter Snow Control Series 3
Total: 351 / Dry: 113 / Wet: 118 / Snow: 120
Dry: Good rolling resistance values, lots of front grip, slightly sluggish on the rear axle.
Wet: High degree of driving safety, but only average aquaplaning properties.
Snow: Good on slush, strong braking.
Overall: Compared to the predecessor, the Pirelli Winter Snow Control Series 3 is a better all round tyre.

7th: Michelin Alpin A4
Total: 350 / Dry: 114 / Wet: 120 / Snow: 116
Dry: High pass by noise, but very stable and precise.
Wet: Leading aquaplaning results, excellent braking.
Snow: Even on a RWD car the A4 is a safe stable tyre. Average slush performance.
Overall: The Michelin Alpine A4 shows a good all round performance.

8th: Vredestein Snowtrac 3
Total: 336 / Dry: 108 / Wet: 111 / Snow: 117
Dry: Fast times in handling and slalom, largely smooth ride. Average rolling resistance.
Wet: Good braking performance and agile handling. A little oversteer on the limit.
Snow: Average slush performance, otherwise clear feedback.
Overall: The Vredestein Snowtrac 3 is a good all round performer.

9th: Sava eskimo hp
Total: 321 / Dry: 93 / Wet: 111 / Snow: 117
Dry: Average dry performance.
Wet: Not sport tyres, but a good level of grip for safe driving. Well balanced road holding.
Snow: Good snow performance, in particular braking and feedback.
Overall: The Sava Eskimo HP is a well balanced winter tyre.

10th: Bridgestone Blizzak LM32
Total: 304 / Dry: 97 / Wet: 104 / Snow: 103
Dry: Good dynamically, good ride comfort. Average rolling resistance.
Wet: Slight aquaplaning weakness, slightly numb feeling.
Snow: Good slush control, good braking, below average traction.
Overall: The Bridgestone Blizzak LM32 has excellent slush control, slightly let down by its rolling resistance.

11th: Fulda Kristall Control HP
Total: 296 / Dry: 100 / Wet: 96 / Snow: 100
Dry: A little sluggish but otherwise a good safe performance in the dry. High noise.
Wet: Tendency to understeer leaves the Fulda feeling sluggish, however once sliding it's very predictable.
Snow: Good grip but slightly unbalanced.
Overall: The Fulda Kirstall Control HP is unremarkable in any category, but no major weaknesses.

12th: Firestone Winterhawk 2 EVO
Total: 290 / Dry: 98 / Wet: 83 / Snow: 109
Dry: Fast slalom and quick handling, sometimes too quick resulting in oversteer.
Wet: Poor aquaplaning and long braking.
Snow: Good braking and excellent in slush. Moderate traction.
Overall: The Winterhalk 2 EVO is good in the snow, not enough wet grip leaves the Firestone 12th.

13th: Apollo Acelere Winter
Total: 276 / Dry: 114 / Wet: 77 / Snow: 85
Dry: Surprisingly strong dry braking. Average rolling resistance.
Wet: Good traction, however poor aquaplaning and nervous cornering.
Snow: Long braking distances and random violent oversteer.
Overall: Other than an excellent dry braking performance, the Apollo Acelere leaves a lot to be desired.

14th: GT Radial Champiro Winterpro
Total: 243 / Dry: 97 / Wet: 63 / Snow: 83
Dry: Long stopping distances and poor balance.
Wet: Traction and cornering are the weak points of the GT Radial. Poor aquaplaning results.
Snow: Poor balance leaving the car often unpredictable.
Overall: Poor snow and wet grip leave the GT Radial in last place.

Источник: Auto Zeitung

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