Тесты шин Тест летних высокоскоростных шин 2010 — Auto Bild — 235/35 R19


Test Car: Mercedes C63 AMG
Tyres: 235/35 19 front 255/30 19 rear

1. Continental can be proud of the new SportContact 5P. It wins with best dry braking, best dry handling, and best wet braking with an impressively strong showing.

2. Pirelli place second with another excellent result for brand in the last 6 months. This further supports their recent turn of form in the group tests. Their latest compounds are working well.

3. Hankook have a strong overall performance finishing 3rd despite being the second cheapest tyre on test.

4. Dunlop have a surprisingly average test with the Sport Maxx GT not excelling in any area. This is especially shocking in the dry performance tests where the tyre is designed to excel.

5. While the Goodyear Eagle F1 was relatively disappointing in the dry it was the strongest in the wet. It's reputation of being the wet weather king is secure and is a good safe tyre for year round driving.

6. The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 had a poor overall showing but with the Pilot Sport PS3 recently launched it should perform much better in the wet, noise and rolling resistance tests next year.

7. It was no surprise the cheapest tyre, the Syron Race 1, placed last. It was however a surprise it had the strongest aquaplaning scores. Can't work that one out.

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